Collected ABNF for HTTPbis


I discussed generating a collected ABNF for Parts 1 through 7 with Björn 
Höhrmann (see <> and 

Generating it turned out to be a *bit* tricky:

- we had an unintended name collision between "parameter" in Part 1 and 
3 (fixed with <>)

- there are a few duplicated rules (harmless)

- some rules have a generic version in Part 1 (for instance, "Method"), 
and a more specific in Part 3; this is a known TODO

Working around the two latter issues, we can generate 
<> which I'll keep 
up-to-date from now, for those who want to play around with it (feedback 

Best regards, Julian

Received on Sunday, 17 May 2009 15:34:44 UTC