Re: CONNECT command with message body

Jamie Lokier wrote:
> Daniel Stenberg wrote:
>> Sorry, but can you clarify how you would read that paragraph to get that 
>> meaning out of it? (I'm not suggesting you think this, I just don't see how 
>> it can be intrepreted that way.)
>> Here's that last paragraph of RFC2817 5.2 with my comments:
>>    Like any other pipelined HTTP/1.1 request, data to be tunneled may be
>>    sent immediately after the blank line.
>> This seems to be like it's saying that everything after the blank line is 
>> tunneled. And it also mentions pipelining (in a funny way if you ask me), 
>> which only works for requests with no request-bodies.
> Pipelining works (in principle) for requests with request bodies too.
> They just need to be idempotent requests, because you might not know
> if the request succeeded when the connection is dropped.  Which is
> probably why pipelining is never used with anything other than HEAD
> and GET in practice.

I think Subversion uses it with REPORT and PROPFIND as well.

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BR, Julian

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