Re: CONNECT command with message body

On Tue, 5 May 2009, Adrien de Croy wrote:

> Is it even legal for a CONNECT command to have a body?  If it does, what 
> should the proxy do?  The client (a panasonic blue-ray player) breaks if the 
> body is forwarded, however RFC2817 Sec 5.2 last para implies it is legal to 
> have a body here.

Sorry, but can you clarify how you would read that paragraph to get that 
meaning out of it? (I'm not suggesting you think this, I just don't see how it 
can be intrepreted that way.)

Here's that last paragraph of RFC2817 5.2 with my comments:

    Like any other pipelined HTTP/1.1 request, data to be tunneled may be
    sent immediately after the blank line.

This seems to be like it's saying that everything after the blank line is 
tunneled. And it also mentions pipelining (in a funny way if you ask me), 
which only works for requests with no request-bodies.

    The usual caveats also apply: data may be discarded if the eventual
    response is negative, and the connection may be reset with no response if
    more than one TCP segment is outstanding.

Is it that "data may be discarded" part? It's not clear to me what data this 
refers to.



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