Re: HTTP 301 responses for POST

On Fri, 19 Dec 2008, Yngve Nysaeter Pettersen wrote:

> I think it would be an idea to see if the language for web clients can be 
> made closer to the actual situation, and perhaps state that other (non-web) 
> HTTP applications need to specifically define their handling of non-safe 
> methods and redirects.

I don't know what browsers that do what, but as an author of a library that is 
very often used to emulate browser behavior we've had people "get bitten" by 
this (libcurl defaults to POST => GET for 301 and 302) and as a consequence 
recent versions of libcurl can be told to do POST in the second request as 
well when following 301 and/or 302...

Meaning: there are already systems "out there" that do and assume both ways. 
Both client-side and server-side.



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