Re: A proposal for Shared Dictionary Compression over HTTP

Brian Smith wrote:
> > > We have a paper that we wrote to describe this idea, which 
> > > I have put online here:
> > 
> > For those of you not used to Google Groups, the paper is here:
> >
> It seems to me that AJAX can be used to solve this problem

I agree,

> in a simpler manner.

But not necessarily with that bit!

I think you're comparing adding some protocol at the HTTP level
(e.g. something like an Apache module or a HTTP proxy, bit like
compression), with completely _reengineering_ a web site, which might
be a vast undertaking.

(That said I am vagely working on a HTTP proxy which accelerates
existing web sites by AJAXifying their updates transparently in
precisely this way, so that sites where much of the page stays the
same as you click along go that bit faster, so it's not out of the

-- Jamie

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