Re: [APPS-REVIEW] Metalink XML Download Description Format (draft-bryan-metalink-01)

Anthony Bryan wrote:
>> So, in general, this would be for IRIs that do not identify a resource to
>> download, but metadata about a resource to download? Strictly speaking,
>> isn't metalink not yet another format for that?
> Yes, it is.
> Do you think about a "metadata" element (a sub-element of
> "resources")with a required "type" attribute of MIME type is
> appropriately generic?

Sounds good.

> This could then be used to describe Metalinks if needed, and other
> types that may come later.


> I don't think BitTorrent's MIME type is in the is listed in the IANA
> MIME Media Types. Would this be a problem?
>    <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
>    <metalink xmlns="">
>      <files>
>        <file name="example.ext">
>          <resources>
>            <url></url>
>            <url></url>
>            <metadata
> type="application/x-bittorrent">
>            </metadata>
>          </resources>
>        </file>
>      </files>
>    </metalink>

One of these issues that regularly come up :-)

One way out of that would by to "grab" special type names like 
"torrent", and hardwire them. That should be ok as long as they can't 
collide with registered names (thus no "/" allowed).

BR, Julian

Received on Wednesday, 3 September 2008 13:29:54 UTC