RE: Factoring out Content-Disposition (i123), was: Content-Disposition (new issue?)

Julian Reschke wrote:
> Brian Smith wrote:
> > Judging from Roy's response, it looks like software won't have to 
> > understand more than ASCII, though they will have to tolerate 
> > non-ASCII bytes (presumably, regardless of whether those 
> > bytes can be decoded into valid characters in any encoding).
> > Historically, ISO-8859-1 seems to be very difficult for
> > implementers to get right since Windows-1252 and other similar
> > encodings are often sent as ISO-8859-1.
> That's true. Not sure what point you're trying to make, 
> though? Do not mention ISO-8859-1 because some implementors 
> confuse it with different encodings?


- Brian

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