Re: "Variant" language in Content-Location (Issue 109)

ons 2008-08-06 klockan 15:42 +0200 skrev Julian Reschke:
> Stefan Eissing wrote:
> > Is there a need to express the client's expectation that the 
> > "Content-Location" URL will only have a single entity associated with 
> > it? Or is a client expected to follow "Content-Location"s for a number 
> > of times?
> I wouldn't want to encourage that case, but would anything break if that 
> happened?

The cache model of HTTP assumes that Content-Location is unique per
variant of the request-URI, which kind of implies that the
Content-Location URI is not a negotiated resource. For each Request-URI
Content-Location has the same uniqueness requirement across the variants
(but not versions) as ETag.  ETag is also version unique..

And when Content-Location is placed in the original HTTP content model
then it's very clear.. Content-Location is a direct unique reference URI
to a specific resource object with no negotiation or transformation.


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