Re: Why Microsoft's authoritative=true won't work and is a bad idea

On mån, 2008-07-07 at 19:31 -0400, Boris Zbarsky wrote:

> > 0) The specifications makes sense and unambious to implement
> Assuming you meant "unambiguous", I agree.

I did. Always have a hard time spelling that word for some reason...

> So you're asking people to shoot themselves in the foot for the common good. 
> While some may be willing to, in general that's a tough sell if the shooting is 
> significant enough.

No I am not.

> Put another way, I can't think of a browser that would be willing to, say, 
> sacrifice 5% of market share on this issue.  I suspect sacrificing a single user 
> is acceptable.  The line is somewhere in between.

Yes. The rule is that you sacrifice some share to gain another part and
improve long term stability and reliability.

> >   - Simplicity.
> Which is nice if possible, of course.  Are we talking simplicity of 
> specification, of implementation, or of deployment?

In this discussion at least specification and implementation. Usually
goes hand in hand.


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