Re: Microsoft's "I mean it" content-type parameter

On Thursday 2008-07-03 17:23 -0400, John Kemp wrote:
> Jamie Lokier wrote:
>> Sam Ruby wrote:

> The content-type is reported (via 'View Page Info') in my Firefox 2 as  
> application/xhtml+xml. However, the page is rendered as if it were an  
> ATOM feed (which usually has the content-type application/atom+xml IIRC)  
> rather than as if it were XHTML.

That's because the MIME-type dispatch of the application/xhtml+xml
type triggers XML processing by namespace-based dispatch.

Mixed-namespace documents are (or at least were) probably the
"killer app" of switching from HTML to XHTML, but there's been
little standardized so far for MIME type labeling (and handling
thereof) or content negotiation of such documents, so we're stuck
using the MIME types of the constituent languages.

I tried to start some discussion of these issues in the CDF group
back in 2005 (see [1] and [2]), and I think we came to consensus on
some issues (not necessarily agreeing with what I proposed in those
documents), but the charter wasn't really geared towards producing a
spec in that area, and I think it's since been clarified to say that
such issues are clearly out of scope for CDF and should be discussed
by the TAG.


[1] or

[2] or

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