Re: Microsoft's "I mean it" content-type parameter

Dave Singer wrote:
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> Next up:  a server that always adds the "I mean it" attribute, even when 
> it doesn't, and the subsequent invention of the "No, really, come on, 
> you have to believe me, scout's honor, I really truly mean it" extension.
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Of course. That's why we usually do not define specific error recovery 
in HTTPbis. First of all, mandating a very specific error recovery (1) 
may not be the right thing for all use cases, (2) it blurs the boundary 
between valid and invalid (if the behavior for invalid is mandatory, 
where's the point in producing valid messages), and (3), as you said, in 
the end you'll have to define error recovery for the error recovery...

BR, Julian

Received on Thursday, 3 July 2008 16:53:45 UTC