Re: Microsoft's "I mean it" content-type parameter

Julian Reschke wrote:
>| MIME-Handling: Sniffing Opt-Out

"Opt-out" and "embrace" should be put under Godwin's Law.

For their text/plain example, why can't they add an "try
to render as HTML" OPTIoN ?  OE6 can manage this issue 
as I want it, admittedly I wasn't aware that IE6 doesn't.
And IE8 can do whatever makes sense wrt security.

> Let's ignore the issue of inventing a new media type 
> parameter for all new media types for a moment...

<moment for="a" />  No ;-)  As your subject says, this
"I mean it" parameter has the decent charme of RFC 3514:
| The Security Flag in the IPv4 Header (Evil Bit).
| S. Bellovin. 1 April 2003.

> But is this really the right approach?

Assuming that HTTP servers know what they are talking
about is arguably no OPTIoN... :-(


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