Re: [google-gears-eng] Re: Deploying new expectation-extensions

the spec requires that any intermediary pass on 1xx messages, and that 
any number of 1xx messages may be sent

So any intermediary thinking that a 1xx response is the final one, is 

Having said that, there are some that behave like that (possibly 
HTTP/1.0 proxies?)


Charles Fry wrote:
>>  Can't the origin server just send the 103s without being asked for it? That
>> would allow the client to discover support for the feature.
> Hmm. Now this is starting to come full-circle. As I understand it the
> whole reason that Expect: 100-continue is used in conjunction with 100
> Continue responses is to ensure, as the request is finding its way to
> the origin server, that the response will be able to find its way
> back, being properly interpreted as an intermediate response. Without
> this there is the risk that a non-100-continue-aware proxy would
> interpret the 100 response as a final response.
> Is this not a requirement of any client-elicited 1xx response? I.e.
> can we really just send 103s when they aren't asked for, with full
> confidence that they won't break anything as they travel back to the
> client?
> Charles

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