RE: i15: How to tell if a client does not support persistent connections

>If adding this as a MUST can make existing compliant HTTP/1.1 clients non-compliant,
>then I think that it's outside what the WG charter allows (and logically would require 
>a new minor version of HTTP, would it not?).

Frequently confused point:

Interoperability is the goal. If there are "compliant" clients that fail to 
interoperate properly with "compliant" servers, it's a flaw in the protocol
design and it's reasonable to restrict the behavior of one or the other
in order to improve interoperability.

2616 won't go away, and if you were compliant with 2616 before, you will be
after the protocol is updated. 


Received on Friday, 21 December 2007 08:49:03 UTC