Re: Content-Location as Base URI

On Monday 2007-12-10 06:34 +0100, Henrik Nordstrom wrote:
> But browser vendors do not dare implementing it due to there being a
> handful number of noticeably broken servers out there sending

It's not just broken servers.  With the list of Mozilla's
Content-Location bugs:
I found one bug that's not about a broken server:

It's about Apache serving a content-negotiated document at a URL of
the form .  For browsers supporting XHTML, it
serves doc.xhtml; for other browsers, it serves an equivalent
doc.html.  The document contains links to anchors within itself
(e.g., <a href="#intro">Introduction</a>); links in the document are
relative to Content-Location.  Thus, clicking one of those links
takes the browser to, which is
not a URL intended to be linked to or exchanged.


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