Re: Content-Location as Base URI

On mån, 2007-12-10 at 13:17 +0800, Franklin Tse wrote:

> So, should the base URI feature be marked as obsolete or deprecated?

Not entirely sure what the conclusion was the last time this was
discussed some months ago..

It's a nice feature, helping unifying the URL-namespace on the server.
But browser vendors do not dare implementing it due to there being a
handful number of noticeably broken servers out there sending
invalid/nonworking Content-Location headers. (mostly caused by rewriting
reverse-proxies not noticing the existence of Content-Location)

Opera tried, but backed out again due to customer complains blaiming

And no, there isn't really any good alternatives. It's true that HTML
and XML has alternatives, but that's within the content itself. For
example you can't add a HTML base href to a PDF document.


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