Re: Intro to Methods making Host header requirement

Frank Ellermann wrote:
> Julian Reschke wrote:
>>> The text in 9 should be moved to "5.3 Request Header Fields" where
>>> it belongs, or deleted.
>> And, as a matter of fact, we may need all the big sticks we have for 
>> some other issues :-)
> Make sure that you don't lose the MUST in section 9.  Out of curiosity,

My proposal would be to move it to a place where it makes more sense.

> what's the intended status for 2616bis, STD, DS, PS, or "let's see what
> happens" ?

<> says DS. I'm 
not sure that we have given up hope to reach STD, but that would require 
making some stuff downrefs (such as MIME and the compression schemes).

Best regards, Julian

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