Semantic meaning of double quotation marks delimiting quoted-string


Earlier today I posted < 
confusion>, and having discussed it with various people, have  
concluded that it'd be best addressed by RFC 2616bis.

In short, the post raises the issue of the meaning of double quotes.  
If you parse them out, you end up with Etag: W/"a" and Etag: "W/a"  
equivalent. If you don't, you can end up with character sets such as  
"UTF-8" (i.e., including the quotation marks) in headers like Content- 
Type: text/plain;charset="UTF-8". What is the expected behaviour for  
quoted-string (or, if need be, for each and every specification that  
uses quoted-string)?

All the best

Geoffrey Sneddon

Received on Sunday, 28 October 2007 18:17:43 UTC