Re: NEW ISSUE: NO default charset

Martin Duerst wrote:
> ...
> As for issue #20, it's definitely very related, but the commenter
> (Mark) is most concerned about interaction with other specs, whereas
> my main point is interaction with reality. I'll leave it to the editing
> team to decide whether they want to handle this as one or two issues,
> but if you handle it as one issue, please add my comment text
> (not necessarily the point about the US-ASCII default for text/...xml)
> to the issue description.
> Regards,    Martin.


I have added your comment in 
but did not add another issue.

Related to this, is anybody aware of any progress in revising RFC3023? I 
thought there was consensus years ago that the text/*+xml defaulting 
needs to be revised...

Best regards, Julian

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