RE: Content-Location in Requests

mån 2006-12-18 klockan 10:01 -0800 skrev Travis Snoozy (Volt):

> [ed: There's no "request-entity" defined in the spec; I assume the meaning here is "the whole entity" (which just happens to be in a Request, for our purposes).]

My by "request entity" (no -) i mean "the entity enclosed in the

> I agree with your analysis here; I didn't think to look back to
> section 4.3. So, the spec is just a bit awkward to understand and a
> little vague. A cross-reference from section 14 to section 4.3 or
> section 7 might be helpful, as well as being more explicit about
> servers ignoring entire entities (as opposed to just message-bodies).

The definition in 1.3 of "entity" is pretty clear on this.. so all uses
of entity which refers to specifically a request or response should
indicate so. All other uses should be assumed to be on an HTTP message
in general, not specifically a request or response.  If there is uses of
"entity" which only makes sense in one of request or response context
but it isn't specified directly or indirectly by the surrounding context
this should be fixed.


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