Re: HTTP/1.1 pconns to 1.0 servers

Stefan Eissing wrote:
> >However, the widely deployed Squid proxy cache 
> ><> does not behave in this manner; it 
> >requires a Connection: keep-alive header (or Proxy-Connection, but 
> >that's another discussion) in requests in order for them to persist.
> >
> I struggled with exactly the same issue when implementing a HTTP stack. 
> Someone forced me with money to make it work with squid as it is widely 
> deployed. Those were the days...

What is the difficulty with writing a client to work with Squid?

If you omit the "Connection: keep-alive", you'll just get a
non-keepalive connection, but it'll work fine.  Isn't that right?

-- Jamie

Received on Thursday, 21 September 2006 13:32:39 UTC