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[Fwd: WGLC of draft-ietf-webdav-rfc2518bis-14.txt]

Actualidad Medica - Edicion Enero 2006

Apache ETag promotion (Re: I-D ACTION:draft-whitehead-http-etag-00.txt)

Authoring requirements and changes on PUT (Re: I-D ACTION:draft-whitehead-http-etag-00.txt)

Behaviour of Date and Age Headers on Proxy Revalidate

Caching authentication state

Caching authentication state [giving too much control to clients?]

Call for Workshop Proposals (WI-IAT'06)

Can 403 code be used as authorization failure indication?


Confirmar Suscripcin a la edicin para profesionales del Inmobiliam News

DELETE Content-Type / : deleting specific representation

Fwd: draft-sayre-http-hmac-digest-00

I-D ACTION:draft-manoj-cachecontrol-00.txt : Call for Inputs

I-D ACTION:draft-whitehead-http-etag-00.txt

ICDM'06: Call for Workshop Proposals

IEEE ICDM'06: Last Call for Workshop Proposals

New Cookie related Internet Drafts

PUT vs strong ETags

RFC2616 revision, was: I-D ACTION:draft-whitehead-http-etag-00.txt

Section 5 comments (Re: I-D ACTION:draft-whitehead-http-etag-00.txt)

unsubscribing from this mailing list

WI'06: Call For Papers

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