Re: doubt regarding http 1.1

I'd echo Joris' question as to why in the world you'd want to disable
chunking, but...


Buffers Perl, Python and PHP scripts; also can act as a wrapper for
arbitrary code. Intended to be useful for 1.0 content, and for
servers that don't chunk generated objects (most don't), but it
should be helpful here.

I think there are also Apache modules, etc. that may do this, look

On Mon, Jul 02, 2001 at 01:16:46PM +0200, Joris Dobbelsteen wrote:
> Why not use it? It provided a way to keep the connection open.
> You can try Tranfer-Encoding: identify
> see RFC2616 par. 14.41
> There is also something with TE (par. 14.39).
> Note that Apache will need to cache the response before transmitting it, to
> demitrade the length. I don't know wether they do or support that (probably
> they do). It requires only an enormous ammount of overhead on the server,
> not caused with chunked transfers. So why not use these, it's simple to
> build some support for that.
> Before to forget, RFC2616 lists enough information in the sections with
> tranfer-codings and such....
> Have fun...
> - Joris
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> >Hi
> >I am using http 1.1.I am making a persistent connection from
> >java client to
> >apache server.I am able to make it but I don't want to use
> >transfer encoding
> >as chunked(which is there by default).Is there any way I can
> >do it.Where I
> >need to change it.If you need some more detail please let me know.
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> >-Manish
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