Re: A proposal for Host header

"Josh Cohen (Exchange)" wrote:

> I would like to propose:
> 1) If a client is issuing a 1.1 request and the client has obtained
> positive knowledge, possibly through an out of band mechanism, that all
> proxies and the origin server in the request path are 1.1 compliant or
> better, that it may omit the host header when absolute URIs are used.
> 2) Clients are permitted to use absoluteURIs when talking to 1.1 servers.
> Does this seem reasonable ?

The problem is that, even if you find out that is a 1.1
server, you can't be certain that that will remain true.  There's the usual
problem of people upgrading their software, of course, but there's also the
issue of load balancing.  If not all the machines that handle requests to are running 1.1 servers, then any assumption about whether
the one you're talking to is 1.1 or not will break eventually.  Similarly,
there might be a heterogeneous proxy farm somewhere along the path.

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