Re: A proposal for Host header

In message <BFF90FB6CF66D111BF4F0000F840DB850BCBBB91@LASSIE>, "Josh Cohen (Exch
ange)" writes:
>I would like to propose:
>1) If a client is issuing a 1.1 request and the client has obtained
>positive knowledge, possibly through an out of band mechanism, that all
>proxies and the origin server in the request path are 1.1 compliant or 
>better, that it may omit the host header when absolute URIs are used.
>2) Clients are permitted to use absoluteURIs when talking to 1.1 servers.
>Does this seem reasonable ?

Of course not.  Try it with any HTTP/1.1 compliant server now and you
will get a 400 response.  Those servers won't disappear just because
an RFC is modified.

This part of the standard will never change without a version bump.  Never.


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