RE: disposition of draft-ietf-http-* internet drafts

We have received positive interest from current user agent and server
implementers for draft-ietf-http-trust-state-mgt-02.txt.  However, given
current widespread acceptance of current cookie implementations and
default handling, there is no impetus for implementation.   My
understanding and opinion is, however, that the implementers of the most
ubiquitous user agents will not fully implement state-man-mec-10.txt and
all of its recommendations and defaults without some solution like

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Subject: Re: disposition of draft-ietf-http-* internet drafts

Larry Masinter wrote:
> [...]
> I note that we cannot officially close until "HTTP State
> Management Mechanism" has been completed:
>   "HTTP State Management Mechanism", D. Kristol, L. Montulli, 07/29/1998,
>   <draft-ietf-http-state-man-mec-10.txt,.ps>
> is marked as awaiting an applicability statement, which I presume is:
>   "Applicability Statement for HTTP State Management", Keith Moore,
>   11/23/1998, <draft-iesg-http-cookies-00.txt>

Yes and no.  The applicability statement needs to be revised.  But the
real problem IMO is that state-man-mec is caught in IESG process hell,
with some current IESG members unhappy with wording that was accepted by
former IESG members.

Dave Kristol

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