RE: disposition of draft-ietf-http-* internet drafts

(Trying to limit the cc's)

> We have received positive interest from current user agent and server
> implementers for draft-ietf-http-trust-state-mgt-02.txt.  However, given
> current widespread acceptance of current cookie implementations and
> default handling, there is no impetus for implementation.   My
> understanding and opinion is, however, that the implementers of the most
> ubiquitous user agents will not fully implement state-man-mec-10.txt and
> all of its recommendations and defaults without some solution like
> trust-state-mgt.

Conditions under which someone might use state-man-mec sound like
things that might belong in an applicability statement for it.

I suggest you consider pursuing draft-ietf-http-trust-state-mgt-02.txt
as an individual contribution "Experimental" RFC. If the IESG chooses,
it could reference it in the applicability statement.


Received on Thursday, 18 March 1999 15:26:23 UTC