GET or method (HTTP 1.1 rev 6)


RFC 2068) and I am just wondering, whether all the GETs in 10.3.5 are there
intentionally. This doesn't look very consistent. While 14.25 (14.24)
has been discussed concerning the use of "GET", "GET or HEAD", and
"method", I didn't find anything discussing the implications on
10.3.5 in the mailing list archive.

section 10.3.5 (304 Not Modified):
  If the client has performed a conditional _GET_ request, [...]

and section 14.25 (If-Modified-Since) (this was restricted to GET in earlier 
versions (notably RFC2068)):
  The If-Modified-Since request-header field is used with a _method_ to
  make it conditional: if the requested variant has not been modified [...]
  a 304 (not modified) response will be returned [...].
section 14.26 (If-None_match) talkes about "GET and HEAD" concerning the
  304 status.


                                             Jacob Schroeder
                                             Dipl. Informatiker

Received on Wednesday, 3 February 1999 08:01:22 UTC