Re: Proxy-Connection header definition?

On Wed, 27 Jan 1999, Kalvinder Singh wrote:

> So does that mean that a proxy that knows about the Proxy-Connection
> header should remove it from the request message and should not try to
> set up a persistent connection??? Or is there another way that you can
> deal with it???

I guess there is a simpler way of stating this.

All proxies should always strip the Proxy-Connection header from requests
that are forwarded.  ie. it is a hop-by-hop header.  This is one of the
several undocumented HTTP "must do's" that software needs to deal with.

In addition to the above, if that proxy is capable, it can act on the
Proxy-Connection header to control the connection between the client and
the proxy as appropriate, if it wants to.  It should not act on the
Proxy-Connection header if it isn't a "real" proxy; ie. the client does
not know that it is talking to a proxy.

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