Re: Proxy-Connection header definition?

Yaron Goland wrote:
> Sorry, a slip on the term authenticate. A persistent connection is needed
> for some of our authentication algorithms to work properly.

Do you happen to know which authentication algorithms you use that
require persistent connections???

> >
> > What the Proxy-Connection header has done is require that every
> > proxy which can pass requests to an "upstream" proxy of some type
> > know about it or be "broken".  In reality, it is the concept of the
> > Proxy-Connection header that is broken, but given that
> > clients implement
> > it and other proxies implement it, the only thing this poor little
> > standards conforming proxy can do is deal with it as well.
> >
> > It doesn't, of course, have to do anything other than drop it from
> > forwarded requests, but that still involves dealing with it.
> >

So does that mean that a proxy that knows about the Proxy-Connection
header should remove it from the request message and should not try to
set up a persistent connection??? Or is there another way that you can
deal with it???


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