Re: HTTP 1.1 issue 23: 13.5.2 Non-modifiable Headers

> In section 13.5.2 "Non-modifiable Headers", the statement
>    "A non-transparent proxy MAY modify or add these fields to a
>    message that does not include no-transform, but if it does so, if
>    not already present, it MUST add a Warning 214 (Transformation
>    applied) if one does not already appear in the message (see
>    section 14.46)."
> appears to be in error.  It allows non-transparent proxies to make
> certain changes to messages that do not contain Cache-Control:
> no-transform.  The discussion of the no-transform directive in section
> 14.9.5 doesn't jive, and makes it look like this paragraph should read
> "... that contains no-transform ...", just as the immediately prior
> paragraph does.

No, I think it is correct: there are two cases: a message that
contains no-transform and one that does contain no-transform.
You are allowed to change the headers in the default case of
a message not marked "no-transform", so long as you mark
the message with the 214 (Transformation applied) warning.
				- Jim

Received on Wednesday, 11 November 1998 10:16:00 UTC