RE: comments on draft-ietf-http-authentication-01.txt

I'm going to hold with the assumption that we will be cutting no
features from the HTTP spec. In order to avoid too long a delay,
I'd like to see if we can process proposed editorial changes as quickly
as possible.

Because there will not be another working group LAST CALL on the
entire document, we should send out and review proposed wording
changes as the issues come up and are resolved (for the base spec).

For the authentication draft, it looks like there are sufficient
editorial changes that we probably should do another draft (in the
next week or two, authors willing.)

It seems that filling out the implementation reports is causing
a careful review of the documents, which is good! 

I think we're on track to finish by the end of April.


Received on Sunday, 29 March 1998 14:34:23 UTC