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RE: HTTP features w/ low 'implemented' and 'tested'

From: Larry Masinter <masinter@parc.xerox.com>
Date: Sat, 28 Mar 1998 22:10:22 PST
To: "Life is hard... and then you die." <Ronald.Tschalaer@psi.ch>, HTTP-WG@cuckoo.hpl.hp.com
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For the features you've listed as wanting a server to test
against, I've asked the 'contact' for the private reports
directly. The implementation reports were:

h 10.3.6 Use Proxy
         1 other, 2 clients, 1 proxy
h 10.3.7 Temporary Redirect
         1 other, 3 clients, 1 proxy, 1 combined proxy/server (tested)
h 10.4.9 Request Timeout
         1 other, 2 clients
h 14.37 Retry-After
         1 other, 1 origin
H 14.39 TE
         1 other, 2 clients
H 14.40 Trailer
         1 other, 2 clients
H 14.41 Transfer-Encoding
         1 other, 1 client, 2 origin, 1 combined

I thought I'd add some notes from the test reports:

H 14.36	Referer	t

(client) isn't sure what to test. Implemented only in as much as that
if the application set the header and a redirection occurs then the
header is modified accordingly.

H 8.2.3 Automatic retrying of requests
(client) sometimes requests can't be retried because it doesn't buffer
the entity
(proxy) does not retry

H 8.2.4 Use of 100 (Continue)
(client) doesn't wait for 100 before sending content

H 10.1.1 100 Continue
(client) ignores all 100s

H 10.2.3, 4, 6, 10.3.1,2,4,6,7; 10.4.3, 10: "plugin or cgi could"

10.4.9 408 Request Timeout
(server) would like to have general trailer for this

H 14.17 Content-Type
(server) common browsers have poor support for charset attribute

H 14.20 Expect
(client) 100-Continue only

H 14.22 From
(proxy) can generate

H 14.45	Via
A missing Via is used to try and detect buggy HTTP/1.0 proxies.

H 14.46 Warning
No user agents do anything with it

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