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Rev-02 of the HTTP/1.1 specification has been submitted...

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Date: Thu, 19 Feb 1998 21:22:13 GMT
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At http://www.w3.org/Protocols/HTTP/Issues/.  As usual, it is
available there in plain-text, postscript and Microsoft Word with and
without change bars, either uncompressed or gzip'ed.

As of when I submitted this draft, there were no outstanding issues
with the specification I knew of, either technical or editorial.  This
represents a significant milestone for the specification; my thanks to
you all for your help.  

While it is unlikely that this document will be the final draft before
draft standard given previous experience, that we have not finished
the interoperability report, and that this draft depends both on the
authentication specification and the URI specification, there is a
non-zero chance it is the final draft. If you have been putting off a
final read, now is the time to read the specification; we hope to
finish the interoperability report in a timely fashion.

I also expect everyone who drafted text to resolve issues for the
specification to check that I correctly edited those changes into this
draft, and to let me know of any problems.

I will be on vacation all next week.

			Your HTTP/1.1 Editor,
				Jim Gettys
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