Re: HTTP/1.1 : Chunking

Adrien de Croy wrote:
> I would have thought that in a random data stream, the chances of any
> particular 4 byte sequence would have been 1 in 4 Billion, but we are only
> looking at the last 4 bytes before a close.  So, given there is only one
> close per session, there is only one inspected 4 byte sequence, hence the
> chance of any one file causing confusion over an OEF marker is 1 in 4 billion.

Sorry, my mistake, I was taking into account the below, which means
you'd have to check every byte.

> However, as pointed out by John Franks, this method would not, and cannot
> allow for multiple transactions per connection, since it relies on the close
> event being a signal as well.
> However, reflecting more on that issue, the chances of a client requiring
> multiple created entitities (i.e those where the server cannot know a priori
> the size) in a single connection is rather low, at least at the moment.
> Multiple normal requests per connection would still be possible, and
> unaffected by this proposal.

It'd have to server the created entity last, which seems unlikely.



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