Re: Digest mess

> If at least one of the seven authors currently listed on the draft
> will step up to the plate and start editing, then maybe Digest can
> be resurrected.  I suggest the authors discuss this amongst themselves
> and have a clean draft submitted by mid-January.
> If not, then either Basic AA will move back into the main spec and
> Digest will be dropped, or I'll do the edit myself according to what
> is actually implemented.  [Believe me, none of us want this to happen].


Jim Gettys is now the lead editor of the authentication draft,
despite his absence the list of authors at the top of the draft
he recently submitted. Jim was charged with integrating Basic
and Digest together; in our rush to get all of the issues integrated
into the main HTTP/1.1 spec, we didn't spend much time on the
authentication draft.

Your willingness to volunteer to help with editing is greatly
appreciated, and I'm sure we will coordinate with you to take
advantage of your willingness to help. But please don't go
off on your own.


Larry Masinter
(as chair, HTTP working group)


Received on Wednesday, 17 December 1997 22:38:05 UTC