Weekly Internet HTTP/1.1 Tests

  The response has been encouraging.  I will volunteer to perform the
  role of registrar, and will send a reminder on Friday, Oct 10th to
  send in your notice of participation for the first 'test day' on the
  16th (a number of respondents, including myself, have indicated that
  mid-October would be a good time for them to start).

  It has been pointed out that server vendors will mostly be passive
  participants other than testing against thier own and others servers
  with publically available clients.  If client vendors wish to make
  available downloadable copies of thier clients, then some of us on
  the server side will certainly take advantage of that to help you
  test your clients.

  To repeat; I will be asking for you to send in the following, filled
  in so that other participants will know who is out there to test
  with.  Also, again - please suggest improvements to any part of this



    User-Agent or Server string: (may be approximate)

    HTTP Role: [origin, proxy, tunnel, client, robot, ...]

    HTTP Version: (versions earlier than 1.1 _will_ be usefull)

    Address: (DNS host names and/or IP addresses for the HTTP

    Time: (GMT times the system will be active or available)

    Contact Name:  (person to contact with an issue)

    Contact Email:

    Contact Phone:

    Contact Hours: (GMT times the contact is available, should overlap
                    the span in Time, but may be a subset)

    Notes: other relevant information, possibly including URLs for
           information on where to find background material.

  Test Day Ground Rules:

    - Participating systems may be configured to allow access only by
      announced participants for that week.

    - Participants will, on request, make a reasonable effort to
      provide whatever relevant log or trace data they have to other
      participants to resolve problems.

    - If a problem or possible issue with another participant
      implementation is found, that issue will be communicated to the
      contact for that implementation promptly.  Only if the
      involved participants disagree on the correct behavior or if
      the involved participants agree to do so will the issue be
      brought to the working group mailing list.

    - Any other disclosure of problems found with other
      implementations during these tests is poor form.

    - Communicating positive results to other participants is
      strongly encouraged.

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Agranat Systems, Inc.        Engineering            http://www.agranat.com/

Received on Wednesday, 24 September 1997 15:46:33 UTC