some thoughts on extensions on REQUEST line.

	I am software developer developing wide range of applications
	in different platforms and technologies for last eight years. 
	For the last one year I am actively involved in developing web 
	based applications.

	I had some thoughts on making browsing more friendlier in
	this diversified world. I would like to share my thoughts here.
	I hope I am doing the right thing. If this is not what I should
	have done please ignore this mail. Or if this is already 
	addressed, please let me know how this is handled.

	In current scenario, there is no information to the web server
	from where the request is coming from, what I mean is the
	geographical location (apart from IP address) and also the
	language of preference of the user. 

	So, my thought was to add a line of info, which will provide 
	the language of preference and geographical location if 
	provided by the request originator (If browsers can extract 
	this info from user's preferences). This information can 
	be used by the 'site's to automatically redirect the request
	to appropriate page which will serve the proper pages.

	Possible use of this extensions would be in the 
	sites of following organizations:

	* Multinational companies can have a single web site which
	routes the users automatically to their countries local sites.

	* Information providers with 'local' interest, like yellow
	pages, sale information, advertisements of local interest etc.

	This extension would really make the information on the web
	more friendlier and 'locale' and would increase the popularity
	and accessibility.


	- Sanjath

Sanjatha R Shringeri. 
    Influence Software
845, Stewart Drive, Suite D, Sunnyvale, CA, 94086

Received on Tuesday, 23 September 1997 18:04:43 UTC