(tangent) Re: 301/302

> Fote said:
>      Just to be sure the more urbane members of this WG don't
> misinteret, I acquired (and retain) a highly positive mental image
> of Josh back when I read the appended message, which exemplifies
> what IETF WGs are all about.

Wow.. *flattered* *faint*

Seriously, though, The respect is mutual.  Even though there
can be some flaring of tempers, off the cuff retorts, competitive
pressure, or general frustration expressed here, I beleive(hope) that 
everyone feels similarly about each other.

There are lots of people in the wg with differing levels
of expertise, experience, and historical perspective.
I readily admit that Im on the 'newer' side of that,
and make mistakes like everyone else.  

However, we're all here and active because we want to make things better.

Now, let me tell you why you are wrong and I am right.. :)
(just kidding)

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