Re: Spelling of "cachable"

> I think the key here is that British usage might tend towards
> "cacheable", although my OED is at home so I can't check that
> while I write this.
> However: in draft -08 (and in RFC2068), "cacheable" appears only
> once, and "cachable" appears dozens of times.  I vote to stick
> with "cachable."
> -Jeff
But we're not dealing strictly with english here.  "cache" is a
french word and if you want an authority then we should turn to
the Academie.  "cachable" it ain't.  The choice has to be 
between "cache-able" and "cacheable", the former preferred in
order to preserve the french stem.

We don't need another "referer".

Received on Tuesday, 2 September 1997 11:40:32 UTC