Re: draft-ieft-http-options-00.txt

> DMK:
>     Nit:  p.4, section 3.2:  I think the phrase "originating sender" is
>     a poor one.  From one perspective, the originating sender is the
>     client that initiated the request.  But I think it's intended to mean
>     the server that responded to the OPTIONS method.
Jeff Mogul:
> Right, I was looking for a phrase that mean "server that first sent
> the OPTIONS reply", which could be different from the "origin server"
> for the URI (e.g., because of Max-Forwards).  Any suggestions for
> a more precise short phrase?  Or should we just use the long one?

How about simply, "the server that first sent the OPTIONS reply." :-)?

Dave Kristol

Received on Sunday, 10 August 1997 19:01:00 UTC