I had written a long message outlining my reasons for raising
the RE-VERSION issue, but after writing it, and with the help
of John Klensin, Ive realized that the real issue
here isnt the response version exactly.  The problem
I have is that in the spec, 1.1 proxy behaviour when talking
to a 1.0 client and 1.1 server is underspecified.

It isnt clear how a proxy should act in generating response
versions, from cached or origin responses, how it should
determine cache applicability, and still make best advantage
of 1.1 features, in a mixed version situation.

If we require that 1.1 proxies always upgrade requests
to their highest version, then this issue will go away.
(at least from me )  If this is required, then the proxy
will have all the information it needs to determine how
to act, and it will be the proxy's responsibility to
downgrade the response to a lower version client.

Received on Sunday, 10 August 1997 18:51:41 UTC