Re: 301/302

Larry Masinter wrote:
> >
> > Surely if one never changes the semantics of existing headers it is not
> > necessary to know which version is being used?
> No; we may not change the semantics of headers, but we're changing
> the requirements for what it means to be 1.1 compliant, vs. 1.0.
> If you don't know that you're 1.1 compliant -- that your script
> satisfies all of the requirements that are MUST for 1.1, then you
> need to label the response as 1.0.

OK. It still seems to me that the correct thing to do is to fix CGI. A
simple thing to do would be to add a version header:

CGI-Version: 1.1

Absence of the header means the script is 1.0 compliant. This is not an
HTTP header - the server would strip it, I assume, and doctor other
headers as needed.



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