Re: The meaning of 301 (was Re: 301/302)

Klaus Weide <> wrote:
>On Tue, 29 Jul 1997, Roy T. Fielding wrote:
>> >	Unfortunately, when I get stuff I wrote back from a list server
>> >and re-read it, it often becomes clear that I don't understand what
>> >I'm talking about.  For a 301 on a POST, does that really mean
>> >substitute the new RequestURI for all future submissions, or only
>> >when the content is identical to that of the current submission?
>> All future submissions -- 301 is a "fix your damn links" response. ;)
>> ....Roy
>That makes sense, although I doubt it is implemented like that anywhere.

	Current versions of Lynx have it implemented it like that.  They
do not "fix your damn links" in the sense of editing source files, because
that would be inapproriate or barred for a large percentage of the Lynx
user base, but for the remainder a user's session the 301's Location
will be substituted for the original RequestURI.  That's why it seemed
like a good idea to confirmed that this is really intended for a 301 on


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