Re: Set-Cookie2: "additive" vs. "independent"

I've put together (a bit hurriedly) a new prospective state management
I-D that has my proposed wording for "independent" handling of
Set-Cookie and Set-Cookie2.  It also includes Foteos Macrides's idea
about Cookie2.  The changes are all in section 10.1, "Compatibility with
Existing Implementations."

There are also some other minor changes to reflect a private discussion
with Dave Morris.  I changed the term "domain name" to be "host domain
name", which is the term that RFC 2068 and RFC 1123 use.

The document can be reached below the horizontal rule at
<>, with the
usual change bars available.

Dave Kristol

Received on Tuesday, 29 July 1997 15:35:14 UTC