Re: Set-Cookie2: "additive" vs. "independent"

Foteos Macrides wrote:

> [...]
>         The problem is that you're counting on $Version=0; being treated
> as a bad cookie by the old server or script, and don't know what error
> handling it's using.  It indeed would be desireable for the UA to
> communicate that it supports version 1 or greater cookie handling in
> those cases for which it is using cached version 0 cookies and doesn't
> yet know if the server or script can handle new cookies.  The simplest,
> most efficient way might be to send:
> Cookie2: $Version="1"
> Cookie: realoldnameA=realoldvalueA; realoldnameB=realoldvalueB[; ...]
> If it's an old server or script, the Cookie2 request header will be
> ignored.  Otherwise, the server or script will use Set-Cookie2, the
> UA will not send the Cookie2 probe, and use Cookie: $Version="1"; ...
> so the updating is mutually know by the State Management partners
> with negligable excess network traffic having been expended, and with
> both the server/script and UA thereafter enjoyed all the benefits
> of the modern State Management protocol.

I like this approach.

Dave Kristol

Received on Tuesday, 29 July 1997 15:23:41 UTC