Re: Comment-URL question

On Mon, 28 Jul 1997, Ted Hardie wrote:

> Reading through the current thread of mail messages
> on including a comment URL as an attribute to a cookie,
> I find I cannot determine whether there is any
> limitation on the location of the comment URL.  In
> other words, does the comment URL need to be on the
> same server as the resource producing the cooking
> about which it comments?

Intentionally no ... with good citizen seals and other future
possibilities, there may be no correlation we could see at the
protocol level and in the near term case, it seems reasonable that
IBM would have a corporate policy on use of the cookie information,
owned by the legal folks.  That policy URL would exist on
but be referenced by,, etc.

> If not, does the server on which it resides need to
> domain-match the server from which the cookie is
> produced?

Answered above.

> I raise these issues because there are a number of
> error conditions which can arise when the comment
> URL does not reside on the same server which do not
> otherwise come into play, and I am concerned with
> the complexity that handling those error conditions
> raises.

OK, what errors exist which aren't appropriately UI design issues?
We have warned about recursion and suggested handling. Beyond that,
this URL is just a URL and except where absolutely necessary should
behave as any other URL. It shouldn't matter too much whether the user
clicks the URL in a cookie accept dialog, from a cookie history management
dialog or from a WWW page.

Dave Morris

Received on Monday, 28 July 1997 13:34:10 UTC