Re: HTTP/1.1 & Proxies

>>In general, there is no way to modify HTTP such that an invisible
>>broken proxy can be detected.
>Is this really true?  It seems a very sweeping statement.

It is true provided that the proxy remains invisible.

Note, however, that HTTP/1.1 requires that a proxy be visible.
We have done all that we can do from an application protocol standpoint.
Note also that I distinguish between a proxy and a tunnel in the spec.

The problem with Gauntlet is that it is either a broken proxy
or a really lousy tunnel, and thus it is not interoperable with other
HTTP applications.  In this case, Gauntlet is only visible when
a chunked encoding is used to delimit the message length, at which
time it screws it up.  MSIE wants to detect it *before* it becomes
visible, which is difficult.


Received on Wednesday, 2 July 1997 13:29:45 UTC