Re: pipelining vs. deferred content


1. I have not found the mentioned multiplexing stuff on the HTTP-WG issues
page. Could someone point me to the right place?

> writes:
>    My proposal is that the server say, in effect, "Here's your page;
>    reserve space for an image and wait just a sec until I give you
>    something to fill the space."
>I agree, this is an optimization that one might hope to make.

I think (and that's what I don't like about pipelining) that this is
because the ordering of the requests and the responses in pipelining.

If the ordering was not as strict as it is now, this was not an issue.
If any of the response headers would contain the URI of the requested
resource (e.g. in the Location header) than ordering would not be
important any more. In this case server could decide which of the
requested URIs in a pipelined request should be processed first - e.g.
first the smaller objects should be sent, or the static objects have
higher priority, etc. It seems to require more processing on the server
side, but I think the processing time of the whole pipelined request can
be even less than before. 
But probably this approach would be harmful for HTTP/1.0 clients.


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