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Revised S-HTTP draft

From: Allan M. Schiffman <ams@terisa.com>
Date: Thu, 27 Mar 1997 14:49:53 -0800
Message-Id: <>
To: www-security@ns2.rutgers.edu
Cc: http-wg@cuckoo.hpl.hp.com
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A new Internet-Draft describing S-HTTP version 1.3 is available from the
on-line Internet-Drafts directory:     
    "The Secure HyperText Transfer Protocol" draft-ietf-wts-shttp-04.txt

It differs from the previous draft in that the revised specification takes
note of and is aligned with HTTP/1.1 (as per comments received during last
call). Specific changes made include:
    * Replaces previous use of application/http with message/http.
    * References HTTP/1.1's header syntax and BNF.
    * Removes HTTP-incompatible Content-Transfer-Encoding.
    * Is 'Host' and 'Connection' header aware.


Received on Thursday, 27 March 1997 14:51:14 UTC

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